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Poezia care cântă: Laura BRAT – GRAY MATTERS

Laura BRAT Gray Matters

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Muzician, poet, arhitect, artist plastic, om de o inteligenţă şi de o erudiţie cum rar mi-a fost dat să întâlnesc, tânăra bucureşteancă Laura Brat reprezintă un prototip al femeii care ştie şi are şi forţa de a opta pentru statutul de zeiţă. Poezia ei, scrisă şi cântată în limba engleză, pentru că în aces înveliş lingvistic i se desluşeşte, e amplă şi clocotitoare, traversată de leit-motive ale reverberării existenţiale până foarte aproape de tălpile însângerate ale îndumnezeirii.


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No one ever warned me that this

Would go astray, just the promise  the dream and lies will stay


I was never one to tempt

All the fates with invitations

Words I heard were mere distractions

Hunger in disguise


Chemicals they had their way

So did he, and so did they

So much more than I’d dare to say

It will never fade


Now this taints my memories

every dream is spiced with nightmares, trust

was squandered evermore now all I hoped is lost


It’s the judgement and the curse it’s the lynchmob metaphor, the look that lurks behind their eyes

Pins me to the wall


Not a word they’ll hear from me

Both my eyes are closed by force

Can’t they see that I’m the victim

Here alone until I die


No one ever warned me that this

Would go astray, just the promise, dream and lies will stay


What went down should never

Be heard of ever again

So they say I won’t agree with them


No one hears the screams I make

No one sees the blood they take


I am my own soul and I won’t dry

I am my hero and won’t die


None of them will look in my eyes

None of them can fake the lies


they cover up our eyes

they take our hands

they lead us to that place

(where) we’ll never think again


if you can’t perceive

then you won’t believe


deceiving all the herd

they break us too

we’ll never stop the search

for the light we once knew


and we will make them fear

the soul the heart that always will

be able to see,

and smell the bullshit that’s right in front of you


will you believe and keep lying to yourself

we can’t stay and hide, we need to see the light

deceiving all our senses we’ll just die

giving ourselves to power and pride


the words they sell they shine

but still we always seem to see

the gold and silver glitter was never for us to believe


they sing their worth out loud

but our minds scream louder still

it echoes harder further till all of them will hear


you will hear the sound they make

when you choke them with their fate


stop your eyes

hold your tongue

think by yourself

let them know


You will see the sun