So "if you believe in rock and roll, can music save your mortal soul?" |

So „if you believe in rock and roll, can music save your mortal soul?”


BCR sus

Bucovina Rock Castle, in a beautiful location


        Bucovina Rock Castle is a fresh new festival, aiming at bringing, in a beautiful location, bands that are on their full ascension towards making history.


         Due to it’s relatively small capacity of the trench, the festival has not attempted, yet, to bring any consecrated names, the biggest so far being Dubioza Kolektiv from Bosnia & Herzegovina,  last edition, and Superhiks, Subscribe, Jinjer, this year.


BRC 1         Although, from the romanian music’s perspective, the organizers are proud to say that they have managed, in three editions, to bring some of the most representative acts from the Underground alternative/hardcore community, but also from the metal scene, like Alternosfera, Kumm, Luna Amara, The Amsterdams, I.P.R., OCS, Grimus, Byron, Coma, Partizan, DordeDuh, White Walls, and many others.


        Our target is to bring quality musicBRC 2 in the defense ditch of the Suceava Fortress, offering the rebellious youth of Moldova, the artists they long to see.


         The low price of the entrance is purely symbolic, as the festival is not created as a profit based one, but as a purely artistic manifestation, where people of the targeted subcultures can find sanctuary.


BRC 3         So „if you believe in rock and roll, can music save your mortal soul?”, we’re looking forward to meeting you, in a magical setting, at the end of August.


         More information about the festival can be found at, and


So keep calm, and wait for


Bucovina Rock Castle!



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